Fort Minor’s New Track, “Welcome”

It feels like biggest event in my musical history since, I don’t know, forever?

I can’t remember the last time hearing about a new release caught my attention. RateYourMusic has application that shows you upcoming releases by artists you’ve rated. As soon as I saw Fort Minor my eyes darted to it. I couldn’t believe it at first. It took me some time to realize that Mike Shinoda finally released a new song.

Linkin Park were with me since the last year of grade school. Even though I listen to them less often with my musical library getting bigger and all, their influence is all over my music taste. If I’d ever set up a band, it’d sound like Linkin Park. Their electronic rap-rock sound is ideal, and the more they stretched it the better. A Thousand Suns is their best album.

Fort Minor was just as important. I enjoyed rap fron the beginning, but The Rising Tied gets right everything I want in my Hip-Hop. The lyrics are coherent, the hooks are catchy, the beats are banging and the topics are varied. It was 10 years ago that I discovered Fort Minor, but I remember replaying the songs endlessly. It’s one of the few albums that I got to know inside out.

I discovered a lot of music since then, some of which I prefer. I discovered Nine Inch Nails, which is the most important moment in my musical history, but no new release caught my attention like this new Fort Minor track. I was very excited to Knife Party’s and Skrillex’s debuts. I checked the subreddit 5 times a day for updates regarding Abandon Ship. I was really obsessed with that one.

This feels more important though. This is me catching up with my first ever favorite artist, who also has little material out. I wasn’t even that excited for Hesitation Marks, but I’m not obsessed with both bands. It must be scarcity of material. Fort Minor has one album, but Nine Inch Nails had a lot. Nine Inch Nails gave me a lot of material to play around with. Fort Minor gave me one album and left me asking for more.

As for the song, I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s the same Mike Shinoda, but he learned a lot in his experiments. What makes “Welcome” unique is the addition of melody and the more atmospherics. These are lessons he learned in A Thousand Suns. No hook that Shinoda provided before sounded so melodic. “In Stereo’ was a rapper trying to sing, but “Welcome” has the melodic chops he picked with Linkin Park’s last albums.

As for the lyrics, nothing changed. Shinoda’s rhymes are still very simple, but they gain their effect from coherency. Shinoda is good at making his meaning clear. As a sort of a ‘blaze your own trails’, it sounds great. Shinoda sounds laid back, confident, and sure of himself. A lot of artists made songs about rejecting back those that rejected them at first. Marilyn Manson made a whole concept out of it. Shinoda doesn’t sound hurt like in these songs. He sounds like he really doesn’t need those that rejected him. I needed a song like that, and I’m glad it’s by Fort Minor.

Maybe this didn’t come out very clear, but I don’t care. This is too good to contain my excitement. I can lead go of the critic face for now.

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