Rape is Beautiful: Dismantling a Crazy Idea

A true test of intelligence is how well you can handle a crazy idea. Calling a statement ‘crazy’ or ‘stupid’ is easy, but the obviousness can make us think we already know why. Without basis, without understanding why a statement is stupid, it’s all just name-calling. If an idea is so obviously wrong, it will take minimal effort to point out the holes. It’s not necessary to go through the emotional turmoil

Rape is beautiful, according to Kurcaba

Actually, that title is a bait. His statement doesn’t say that rape, in and of itself is beautiful. Rather, he thinks that it’s beautiful that a child could come out of it. He thinks that pregnancy is some sort of silver lining.

I find rape to be one of the most terrible things you can do to another human being. Me and Kurcaba don’t really disagree here. You might be able to salvage a discussion over his usage of the word ‘awful’, but there’s no need to create targets when they’re here.

Kurcaba’s view doesn’t stem from misogyny. It probably stems from a deep convinction of natalism. He views childbirth as something so positive that even if it’s caused by rape, it’s a good thing.

Sadly, this was only a line. I don’t know why exactly Kurcaba thinks that. Maybe he’s well-versed in natalist philosophy, or maybe he just takes it for granted. Either way, I disagree with him.

First off, you do not ‘give’ birth. You force it. The baby isn’t given the option of refusing. Even if he grows up, he doesn’t have the option of euthanasia – suicide is still viewed as irrational and something that must be prevented. If you value consent, then birth isn’t something you should value.

Then again, you have to exist first in order to consent. So let’s go from the position it’s okay to give birth, but is it always moral and good? Isn’t giving birth to a child when you can’t raise him, is basically throwing a child to suffering?

Even worse is when the child is the product of rape. The women is not necessarily ready to raise a child. She could be in a position in life that’s not friendly to children, like high school. Second, she will still suffer from the trauma. Third, the child will be a stronger reminder of the rapist.

It will hurt both the child and the woman. The woman will have extra work, on top of facing all the emotional baggage of being raped. The child will be with a mother who’s in a position very, very far from capable of raising a child.

There can always be exceptions, sure, but all signs point that a bith out of rape is a bad idea. It’s not a chance worth taking.

3 thoughts on “Rape is Beautiful: Dismantling a Crazy Idea”

  1. I completely agree. Nothing is beautiful about rape. It’s disgusting. Being forced to have a child because one was forced to open their legs is no silver lining. In the end, it will most likely be bad for both the mother and child. I like your take on consent to life and death, I never thought about it like that.


    1. Thanks for the comment. I was worried that by giving this fairly crazy claim serious treatment, I’d be accused of helping promote rape culture. I believe the only way to defeat rape culture is confront its ideas.

      If you’re interested in the whole consent-to-life thing, that’s antinatalism. It’s a wonder that it doesn’t appear in discussions about abortions.


  2. Agreed.
    Whilst I was reading this, all I could think of was crime rates. These kids are going to grow up in single parent families if lucky, otherwise foster homes etc. not painting a general picture but odds are that they will grow up to be delinquents.

    I’d be interested to compare rape and crime rates in 15-20 years in the same community. Legalisation of abortion sure caused a drop in crime rates a decade or so later – another sign that birth isn’t always a good thing.

    In a nutshell: whilst, childbirth might be a beautiful experience for some, this experience forced (like any other experience forced) may not be as enjoyable or even a wise choice in every case.


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